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Support Sexual Health and Look Good, too!

Are you looking for a fun way to support sexual health? This Giving Tuesday, we are kicking off a month-long fundraiser! Whether you’re a long time Options supporter, or new to our services, we invite you to wear your values and support for sexual and reproductive health! Some of you may have noticed the recent… Read more »

Heart Your Parts Update!

We have two big announcements about our Heart Your Parts Breakfast and we can’t wait to share them with you! This year, with our theme of My Body, My Choice, we made the very intentional decision to honour folks who are abortion providers based on the push to limit reproductive rights south of the border,… Read more »

Join the HYP!

Our Heart Your Parts Breakfast is back for 2019!  We think sexual and reproductive health, justice, and freedoms are important, how about you? On September 20th, 2019 Options for Sexual Health (Options) is hosting the 6th Annual ♥ Your Parts (HYP) Breakfast to raise awareness and funds to support access to sexual health care and… Read more »

A realistic depiction of abortion in the media?

A realistic depiction of abortion in the media is taking the Twitterverse by storm and people are loving it! Although television shows and movies have long skirted around the issue of abortion, the depiction often ends at the waiting room and resumes somewhere after. In the new Hulu series Shrill, the first episode addresses the… Read more »

Ontario’s Roll-Back on Sex-Ed Puts Health and Lives at Risk

This September, Ontario will revert to an outdated 1998 sex-ed curriculum and young people’s health is on the line. Ontario is being thrown back to the dark age of sex-ed: As of September, Ontario students will receive one of the most outdated curriculums in Canada, compared to other provinces and territories. By reverting to a… Read more »

Chews and Brews for Choice

Today is the day! We are celebrating Chews and Brews for Choice— an opportunity for people to choose to support Options for Sexual health, or not. At our participating restaurants and breweries, the choice will be yours! Options for Sexual Health is BC’s Planned Parenthood, and our mission is to champion and celebrate the sexual health of… Read more »

International Women’s Day

Note: Our definition of women is inclusive of trans women and our definition of feminism includes intersectionality, a theory created by Kimberlé Crenshaw. Today is International Women’s Day. This is a day when we consciously celebrate and honour the achievements of all self-identified women throughout the world. We also take the opportunity to highlight some of the many… Read more »