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At Options for Sexual Health, we are committed to the highest level of educational programming. An essential building block to the lifelong health of young people is their access to comprehensive and accurate sexual health information appropriate for their age, cognitive development, and cultural context.

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Our Sex Ed Programs

Looking for a program to update your skills?

Options for Sexual Health Education Services are tailored to meet your needs! We can give you strategies and knowledge that will enhance your confidence and build your services. Delivered when and where you need — we come to you!

Options for Sexual Health Educators are available to support your school in the delivery of the objectives outlined in the BC Curriculum and the Canadian Guidelines for Sexual Health Education.

  • Programs for students in Preschool to Grade 12
  • Fun, age-appropriate, interactive, and nonjudgmental
  • Our popular “Askable” Parent/Adult presentation is available (and recommended) for parents of students

Talking to your children about sexuality and reproduction can be difficult for parents/adults. This 3–hour interactive program takes parents/adults through exercises to discover why they might feel uncomfortable talking about sex with their children, and provides strategies for parents on how to overcome these feelings. Parents will also look at how to begin discussions and how to share information with children in a clear and understandable way. You will gain insight into:

  • What kind of sexual health information is needed at various ages
  • How to handle your child’s questions
  • What kinds of words to use
  • How to discuss feelings, emotions, and your family’s values
  • Exploring your own personal beliefs around sensitive topics

The cost of this workshop is $500 + mileage.

Professional training

  • Assistance with curriculum development and teaching techniques
  • Values clarification workshops
  • Contraception updates
  • Strategies for working with youth


  • Let us design a program for you!

We work with youth in custody, foster parent groups, medical professionals, educators, and more…

If you are interested in our educational programs, fill out the booking form and a member of our Education team will contact you.

Come out of the CAVE with enhanced confidence, comfort, and competence!

CAVE is a human sexuality training program for students, professionals in health care, counselling, education, and social services fields, parents, and other individuals seeking enhanced personal relationships.

GOAL: To provide individuals and professionals with an opportunity to build awareness, comfort, confidence, and competence by exploring their values and gaining the knowledge required to talk about sexuality in an unbiased, non-judgmental, knowledgeable, and inclusive manner. Teaching techniques and resources will be provided in each program.

Each program offers distinct learning materials and objectives. No pre-requisite is required for either CAVE or SAR workshop. Those working directly with clients or patients on sexuality or sexual health matters will benefit most from the SAR process. Contact us to determine which workshop is right for you.

Half-day CAVE: Setting the Stage (3 Hours)

Offered upon request

  • Topics covered include: creating a safe space and enhancing comfort with the vocabulary surrounding sexuality.
  • Activities involved: A values evaluation will allow participants to explore their attitudes about sexuality.
  • Outcomes: Participants will feel better prepared to teach or talk about sexuality.

Full-day CAVE: Building Comfort and Confidence (8 Hours)

Offered upon request

  • Topics covered include: gender, identity, stereotypes, respecting diversity, sexual decision making, circles of sexuality, and an exploration of values and attitudes.
  • Activities involved: Participants will learn how to respond to questions about sexuality.
  • Outcomes: Participants will feel better prepared to facilitate discussions about sexuality that include gender, sexual identity, and decision making.

Options for Sexual Health is committed to providing quality sexual health education to all our clients, including those with special needs. Everyone deserves access to information about their body that is clear and factual, and delivered in a way that is developmentally appropriate.

Our sessions are tailored to each client, and foster learning and skill development. Sessions can include changing bodies, creating healthy relationships, establishing personal boundaries, sexual decision-making, safer sex skills, and fostering community support.

Classes can be for individuals, small groups, families, or support staff.

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