We are SO proud!

From our amazing staff, to our dedicated volunteers, our outstanding health care providers, and our fabulous clients, we are so proud of the people who come together to our organization what it is!

Patient Testimonial

I also wanted to just send a general letter of thanks. Our family Dr and paediatrician are so over run that there was a massive gap in follow up about birth control and [patient] was having concerns that have been ongoing. I googled ‘LGBT friendly doctor BC’ and your site came up. I was able to book in specifically for birth/bleeding control and get an appt for her right away.

The doctor was SO kind. My daughter is autistic and often becomes non-verbal. The doctor was kind and took her time to make absolute sure that my daughter gave consent for me to be in on the conversation which was awesome. She explained things in such a factual, logical way and my daughter came of the call feeling educated and empowered, rather than frustrated and mystified. She is very sensitive to tone and often with Health Care Providers she feels that she was not listened to and they did not take the time to explain things. She actually said ‘I really like this doctor’ about halfway though which is honestly a really big deal! She does not say that often.
As she is moving towards independence, experiences like this are so profound to build her confidence in navigating systems that typically have not been great for her. And as her advocate and parent this is so relieving. It may seem like a normal day in the life of what you offer, but let me tell you, we really appreciate it.

In our September 2018 Strategic Planning session, we had an opportunity to “share our prouds”, and it was so impactful that we decided to continue sharing what makes us proud to be part of this wonderful organization. We have invited our staff and volunteers to share any moments or stories that capture what makes them proud to be part of Options for Sexual Health.

We had a full day at a Saturday “pop up” clinic at the Kootenay Loop Options for Sexual Health Clinic with two impressive RNs doing STI preceptorship hours and some really awesome volunteers. We were BUSY!!! Several clients shared their appreciation for how unlike a regular doctor’s office experience it was for them. Thank you to the team and all else who made for a successful and fun SRH Week event.

~ Clinic Physician

Advocacy, education, and literacy are the key reasons I joined the board of Options for Sexual Health. Too often viewed as a “quiet, but important” contributor, Options for Sexual Health has played a strong role in supporting clients, Health Care Providers, Educators, and many others across British Columbia and Canada. ”

~ Kathryn Fitzgerald, Past Board Chair

Coming into our clinic, a mom of a young boy, he was 12 or 13, she was a single parent. She was just beside herself and she really wanted me to talk to him. Her words were – please scare the **** out of him. She was worried for him and upset because she had seen texts coming to his phone from girls in his class, encouraging him to come and have sex with them. They were all the same age – she was so upset because she didn’t really think he was ready. She wanted me to just tell him not to have sex. I told her that I couldn’t tell him that but that I would be more than happy to talk to them if they were to come into the clinic together. I said all I could do was arm him with knowledge, let him know where he can go for information, resources, and support.

Well, when they came in, he was initially very uncomfortable. I told him all the things he might experience, including the risks. He didn’t say a lot but he listened. I sent them (him AND his mom!) home with some books on loan. She went home a different person. It was so nice to have a parent come in with so much care and concern for her child.

~ Sarah, Clinic Nurse

Makes me proud when one of our amazing nurses offers to travel over 100 km *one way* to cover a clinic when another of our RNs is having surgery, in order to keep the clinic open!

~ Options for Sexual Health Staff

British Columbians are so fortunate to have access to the comprehensive, compassionate and inclusive education and clinical care that Options provides. As a Provincial Board Member for many years, I feel proud to support their mission to champion and celebrate sexual heath.

~ Saleema Noon, Past Board Member

Project Impact

In 2017, some members of our Leadership Team were able to partake in the United Way Project Impact course. We had the opportunity to interview some of our clinic clients, and identify what it is that we are doing to create change in our communities, and in the lives of the individuals that use our services. We are proud not only of the positives, but also of the acknowledgment of where we need to make changes, and how we can improve to truly make the impact we want to make.

One of our clients said:

The stigma around STI testing being scary or weird is gone. STI testing is simple and easy (and fun). I have developed comfort and confidence. I want family and friends to get tested and tell them how easy and comfortable it is to get it done.

Another client said:

Options for Sexual Health is a good safe place to ask questions. I am committed to my sexual wellbeing and standing up for myself.

Another client said:

The health care provider was really helpful. I was nervous because most doctors recommend [the IUD] to people who have already had children. That it is even an option for me is great. Before I found this method, contraception was like an obsession. Now I feel more comfortable being sexual. I have experiences I hesitated having before. Being open about it increased my confidence, to know that those opportunities are available to me.

Read the full report to find out what our impact is: Options for Sexual Health Project Impact Report