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So Glad You Asked: The Sex Sense Blog

In February 2023, in honour of the 60th anniversary of Options for Sexual Health and the start of Sexual Health Week, Sex Sense launched their new blog, So Glad You Asked! For the past 20 years, Sex Sense has been answering questions about sex, sexuality and sexual health by both phone and email. We offer free, pro-choice, sex-positive, non-judgmental, evidence-based information and resources.

Sex Sense is a confidential service both for those who ask us questions and those of us who answer them. For that reason, those of us who work at Sex Sense all go by the same name “Robin”. However, we are actually a team of registered nurses, counsellors and sex educators from a wide range of backgrounds.

We receive thousands of questions each year and although there is lots of variation, clear themes emerge. A lot of similar things are obviously on a lot of our minds! And so, we wanted to begin sharing some of what we’ve learned answering these questions as well as about some of the resources we most recommend. So Glad You Asked is where we do that, usually about once every two weeks.

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