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So Glad You Sex Sense Blog
Hi- this is Robin, a.k.a. Sex Sense. We are thrilled to be launching So Glad You Asked, our new blog, in honour of the 60th anniversary of Options for Sexual Health and the start of Sexual Health Week!

Who We Are

For the past 20 years, Sex Sense has been answering questions by both phone and email. We offer free, pro-choice, sex-positive, non-judgmental, evidence-based information and resources about sex, sexuality, and sexual health.

Sex Sense is a confidential service both for those who ask us questions and those of us who answer them. For that reason, those of us here at Sex Sense all go by the same name “Robin”. However, we are actually a team of registered nurses, counsellors and sex educators from a wide range of backgrounds. We operate as a bit of a hive-mind, cross-pollinating our areas of expertise and interest. You could say we’re a group of sexperts…or at least sex nerds!

Rather than try to tell you any more about what we do, here’s some feedback we’ve received (used with permission of course). It sums up what we hope a lot of our clients feel when they talk or write to us: “I wanted to respond with a big THANK YOU for taking the time to answer all of my questions so clearly and kindly. It’s been both informative and comforting. I’ve felt at a loss in terms of personable yet credible resources (especially during this time). The fact you at Sex Sense are continuing to respond to queries and provide additional references has been a support that I appreciate more than I can really write out.

What’s on Many of Our Minds

Many people start their calls or messages to us with something along the lines of “so, this is a [weird/stupid/embarrassing] question…” The truth is they really aren’t! Chances are someone (or many someones) has already asked us pretty much the same thing.

We receive thousands of questions each year and there is lots of variation, but clear themes do tend to emerge. A lot of similar things are obviously on a lot of our minds. And so, we wanted to begin sharing some of what we’ve learned about the topics people ask us about, as well as some of the resources we most recommend.

We Want You to Ask Us

Of course, these posts will be pretty general and won’t apply to everyone. They’re definitely not meant as a substitute for professional medical diagnosis and treatment or counselling and other mental health supports. If you need these kinds of resources please contact us and we will do our best to connect you to them.

If one of our articles is a topic that impacts you, we would also love for you to follow up with questions about your specific situation so that we can answer you privately. Head over to any time to see our hours of operation and contact info. Or if you need assessment of symptoms or want to talk to someone outside of our hours, you can always contact HealthLink BC or The Crisis Centre.

Let’s Go!

Because it is Sexual Health Week, we plan to post more than once this week, so check back in a couple of days for some juicy sexual health info. After that, you can expect So Glad You Asked posts to appear here about once a week.

Please don’t hesitate to send us your feedback, ideas and requests for future topics, and of course questions! We’d love to hear from you. Really, we mean it.

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