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So Glad You Asked: Sex Sense
Hi! I’m Robin and I work on Sex Sense. I love when people ask me questions about sex, sexuality and sexual health. You can find info about how to ask me your questions at Today I want to talk to you about a resource that I love: Queer Sex Therapy.

While I always do my best to answer everyone’s questions, I sometimes get calls or emails from folx who are looking for a kind of support other than what I can provide. Sex Sense isn’t a counselling service, and so when people need that kind of support I try to send them to a resource we know is accurate, evidence-based, inclusive, and sex positive. These aren’t always easy to find, so imagine my surprise when I came across one such resource on Instagram: Queer Sex Therapy!

What They Serve

Queer Sex Therapy is a fantastic account created by psychologist and sex therapist Casey Tanner (they/she). You can also find them on TikTok.

Casey and their team of diverse sex therapists, educators, coaches and pleasure mentors cover a huge range of topics with a fantastic combination of accuracy, social awareness and heart. Their work is very inclusive, using a 2SLGBQIA+ affirming lens to create a resource centering queer people and communities. I feel confident that in doing so, this is a resource that could be useful for people of any sexual orientation or gender and with a wide range of other intersecting identities.

Casey is also the CEO of The Expansive Group. Among various services, they have a podcast called Safeword to which you can anonymously submit questions. This could be an excellent therapy-oriented complement to asking questions of our more information and resource based service.

A Little Taste

Some of their posts include:

A Delicious Complement to Sex Sense

Queer Sex Therapy asks great questions and provides thoughtful, practical answers from a counselling standpoint and is an excellent complement to what Sex Sense has to offer. I have learned a lot both personally and professionally just from following their Instagram. I hope you’ll check it out!

Also, if you take a look and decide you’d like to get some one-on-one sex therapy, Sex Sense can help! We have a list of BC based sex therapists and counsellors who work around issues of sexuality and sexual health. We’d be happy to explore with you which of them might be a fit for you.

Please note:

Sex Sense is a free, pro-choice, sex-positive, and confidential service. Our team of registered nurses, counsellors, and sex educators offer information and resources on sex, sexuality and sexual health. You can find our hours and contact info at

This post contains general information that may not apply to everyone. It is not a substitute for professional medical diagnosis and treatment or counselling and other mental health supports. If this is a topic that impacts you, please follow up with questions about your own specific situation. We will answer you privately and provide the appropriate information resources.

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