Free Contraception!

It seems fitting that in our 60th anniversary year, prescription contraception becomes free for people in British Columbia!

After many years of advocacy and participating in research to demonstrate the value to society of free contraception, as of April 1st, the BC government will be the first in Canada to ensure its citizens can access the contraception of their choice, for free.

What does this mean for Options?

We have been working with folks at the Ministry of Health to ensure that our low barrier, accessible clinics continue to provide non-judgmental contraception counselling and ability to dispense the product that best fits for each person. We are continuing to advocate for all types of contraception to be free; we are working with government on a few of the products that are not yet included in the ‘free’ list to ensure that our goal around choice is also embraced.

For more information about the formulary and Ministry of Health messaging around the roll out please have a look here.

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