Looking for a new birth control method? Or just more information on the method you’re using already? Check out the fast facts below, or click on the method you want to know more about for more detailed information. New as of April 1 2023: the pill, the injection, the implant, both copper and hormonal IUDs, as well as the emergency contraceptive pill are now free for people in BC. Prescriptions are still required. Our clinics are able to provide these products to patients free of charge. 

Note: The percentages listed in our Choices and Chances pamphlet are the percentage of people per 100 using a method who do not become pregnant while using that method over the course of a year. The information listed here was taken from the Society of Obstetricians and Gynecologists of Canada in 2017. They referenced the percentages from Contraceptive Technology, an authoritative text in sexual and reproductive health. We recognize that efficacy rates vary depending on the source and research used, and as a Canadian organization, we aspire to use Canadian statistics when available and will update these numbers with Canadian information when it becomes available.

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