What is an Internal Condom?

An internal condom (sometimes called a “female” condom) is inserted into the vagina or the rectum, a flexible plastic ring holds it in place at the vaginal or anal opening. They are made of Nitrile (a soft and flexible type of plastic).

How do condoms work?

  • For birth control, they prevent pregnancy by keeping the sperm away from the vagina.
  • For STI protection, they act as a physical barrier method that works to protect against STIs by reducing contact with partner(s) bodily fluid and skin.

How effective are internal condoms?

  • When used as birth control they are approximately 79% effective at preventing pregnancy.
  • When used as a birth control method, they are ideally used with another birth control instead of on their own.
  • They are very effective at preventing STIs – they may provide more coverage of the skin which offers greater protection against skin to skin STIs (such as warts and herpes)
  • Available without a prescription
  • One size fits all  
  • Can be put in place up to 6 hours prior to insertive sex
  • Can be expensive and hard to find.
  • May take a few times to get used to inserting and using.

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