Sexual Health Educator Certification (SHEC) Program

The Opt Sexual Health Educator Certification (SHEC) Program is a competency, knowledge, and performance-based training. The program is designed to prepare individuals to deliver comprehensive sexual health education sessions to a variety of audiences in the public and private sectors.

Options for Sexual Health is committed to increasing the number of well-qualified sexual health educators in the province as part of its campaign to improve the quality of school, adult, parent, and professional sexual health education.

SHEC 2016 Spring and Fall programs in-progress.

SHEC 2017: currenlty accepting applications for our wait list

Applications for the 2017 Spring and Fall cohorts are currently being evaluated. Opt maintains an active wait list for the SHEC program and is always happy to connect with qualified applicants. Please contact to be placed on our wait list.

Please click the links on the side of the page for more details about the program structure, content and application process.

If you would like to obtain any further information regarding SHEC or receive updates on any upcoming programs or workshops please fill out this form.

Even though Opt considers Certification to be the optimum level of proficiency, other sexual health educators who are not Opt Certified may already be proficient. Opt recognizes this expertise while providing opportunities for continuing education, education program delivery, and networking.