Abortion Clinics in BC

In BC, someone can access an abortion through abortion clinics, some general practitioners, and some hospitals.

There are eight abortion clinics in BC: four in the Lower Mainland, one each in Victoria and Kelowna, and two in the Kootenays. Each of them offers pre- and post-abortion counselling and can help someone make the best decision for themselves. A doctor’s referral is not required – someone who needs to access an abortion appointment can just call to make an appointment. They may be required to have an ultrasound, which the clinic can either do or arrange for them to have one done. Waiting time for a clinic abortion may vary between one and three weeks.

The decision of whether the abortion can be performed in a clinic depends on someone’s medical history, a physical exam, lab tests, and the stage of the pregnancy. Most clinics will perform abortions up to 14 weeks. If the abortion cannot be performed in a clinic, it may be possible in a hospital (with a referral from a doctor).


Everywoman’s Health Centre: 604-322-6692

Elizabeth Bagshaw Women’s Clinic: 1-877-736-7171

  • www.ebwc.ca
  • Medication abortions with Mifegymiso up to 9 weeks
  • Aspiration abortions up to 16 weeks 6 days

C.A.R.E. Program, BC Women’s Hospital: 604-875-2022 or toll-free at 1-888-300-3088 local 2022

Willow Women’s Clinic: (info line) 604-874-9897; (appointment line) 604-709-5611

  • www.willowclinic.ca
  • Medication abortion with Mifegymiso up to 10 weeks
  • Medication abortions up to 7 weeks, using methotrexate injection and misoprostol. The cost is $100
  • Medication abortions at a distance are available
  • For more information and a comparison of medical abortion with Mifegymiso versus Methotrexate click here.


Vancouver Island Abortion Services: 250-480-7338

  • www.viwomensclinic.ca
  • Medication abortions with Mifegymiso up to 9 weeks
  • Aspiration abortions up to 20 weeks, using general anesthesia at Victoria General Hospital or using local anesthetic at the clinic)


Women’s Services Clinic, Kelowna General Hospital: 250-980-1399

  • Aspiration abortions up to 12 weeks (an ultrasound will be arranged by the clinic if needed)


East Kootenay Women’s Services Clinic, Cranbrook: 250-919-8154

  • Aspiration abortions up to 12 weeks using local anesthetic and conscious sedation in office
  • Medication abortions with Mifegymiso up to 9 weeks

West Kootenay Family Planning Services, Nelson: 250-505-3885

  • Medication abortions with mifepristone/misoprostol up to 10 weeks gestational age. The cost of the medication is covered for anyone with BC MSP.
  • Aspiration abortions at Kootenay Lake Hospital, up to 11 weeks and 6 days gestational age.
  • Management of first trimester losses – expectant management, medical management, or uterine aspiration, and appropriate follow up.
  • Please note: patient must call themselves to book the appointment


Women’s Vita Medical Clinic: 250 591 9812

  • Website
  • Medication abortions with Mifegymiso up to 9 weeks

Hospitals in BC that Perform Abortions

  • If it is not possible to go to one of the clinics listed above, or if someone prefers to be under general anesthesia (to be asleep), they must obtain a referral to a doctor who performs abortions in a local hospital.
  • If someone’s own doctor will not refer them, or if they do not want to go to their family doctor, they contact Sex Sense 1-800-739-7367 or SexSense.org for more information.
  • Often, doctors can perform tubal ligation at the same time, with a prior referral.
  • There are many hospitals in BC that are specially designated (required) by the provincial government to perform abortions, although other hospitals often perform them, too. To find more information, please call the Sex Sense Line.

More information on abortion

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