Please note: Pap tests are currently booking in to the late Fall of 2021. Many of our clinics do not have any available Pap testing appointments at this time.  Pap tests can be done by family doctors (this includes walk-in doctors!), Nurse Practitioners, Naturopathic Doctors, and Registered Nurses, and do not require booking with a specialist.

A Pap test is done to screen for cervical cancer. It is recommended, starting at age 25, for anyone with a cervix who has been sexually active. Pap tests are to be repeated at least every 3 years after that, or as otherwise recommended by your health care provider, to age 69.

  1. Click here for more information about cervical screening, including why it is important. 
  2. STI testing is still recommended as required.
  3. Call or email our experts at Sex Sense.
  4. Find an Options Clinic near you to get a Pap test.

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