Our Ongoing Commitment To Truth And Reconciliation

As part of our work around decolonizing our practices and upholding the recommendations in the TRC, Options for Sexual Health will have Truth & Reconciliation Thursday every last Thursday of the month. It is clear that honouring Truth and Reconciliation with a national day annually is important but the work has to happen every day.
We will take the time to explore podcasts, movies, documentaries, books, artists and more and share them the last Thursday of the month starting today (October 28). Today’s post helps us to begin our process by understanding what we need to know as non-Indigenous Canadians. This short clip from TVO Indigenous provides education on what has happened to Indigenous peoples, so that we can first start from a place of truth. These learnings often make people uncomfortable, and we invite you to sit with that discomfort and ask why you are feeling it.
If you have something that you would like us to share or topic you would like us to explore, please let us know. As we engage in our own listening, reading, actioning we are sharing not as a means of applauding ourselves but rather as an action of accountability, recognition, and opportunity for others to engage. We recognize that far too often the onus of this work is put on Indigenous peoples to teach non-Indigenous folks and we are committed to the small actions we can take to minimize the need for this.

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