Program Description

The SHEC program is comprised of three elements: a course component, a practicum component, and a continuing education requirement. The course component consists of a series of five 3-day workshops (modules) on specific related topics using evidence-based methodology to provide participants with sound theory and opportunities for observation, demonstration, presentation, facilitation, and evaluation.

During the practicum, participants will each be required to perform 60 hours of sexual health education to various audiences. Fifteen of these hours will need be supervised and evaluated by a preceptor. Nearly half of the required 60 hours are accumulated during the course component.

Once the course and practicum components are completed, recommendations for certification are reviewed by the SHEC Advisory Committee.

The continuing education component requires a demonstration of participants’ ongoing knowledge, skills, and competency development through completion of approved courses, workshops, and ongoing sexual health education delivery.

Testimonials from past SHEC cohorts:

"This could be far too long. This and SAR have been absolutely life changing literally in so many ways. My knowledge and views for sexual health education are far broader than I had ever anticipated! I'm very excited about my future in sexual health and am so very grateful for Opt and everyone that has been involved in the process." - SHEC 2017 Spring Graduate

"There isn't enough space for me to write down all my new skills and knowledge!! In short, I am a different person with new knowledge, altered values, and a new direction for my life. I feel confident to teach sexual health, I know I have a support base I can lean on when needed, and I feel empowered about how important this work is." - SHEC 2016 Fall Graduate

"I wanted facts and I got them. I really needed skills for teaching in a classroom setting, I definitely got that. Mostly, my mind and heart were cracked wide open. I know that Ive found my favorite topic, career, and passion. Can't wait to pass it on!!" - SHEC 2016 Spring Graduate

"I don't even know where to begin. My vocabulary, language, empathy and world view have been profoundly affected in a most positive way. I can now express with evidence and knowledge things that I have not been able to fully articulate in the past. Not only will this training help me professionally, but it has greatly affected (in an extremely positive way) my personal life. I can't thank Opt enough." - SHEC 2015 Graduate

"This course has not only improved my skills for the better in my professional life, but has also helped me improve the lives of my family members, and my own health and wellbeing. Every module built a new level of confidence, resource, insight, understanding, and tools to help keep safe while also liberating me from the shackles I didn't know I was wearing. I feel very privileged to have gone through this program. My life is improved, and I know this is also positively impacting many others in my wake. I just can't wait to start my practicum." - SHEC 2014 Graduate

"I cannot even begin to explain all that I have learned in this short time. The knowledge and experience that I have acquired in the past five months (and in CAVE/SAR), is incomparable and unforgettable! My knowledge base in regards to sexual health is at a different level now. It is no longer an interest, but now a career! I look so forward to learning more and practicing this new found knowledge!" - SHEC 2013 Graduate

Course Overview

Course Overview: (listed are some of the topics covered)

Module 1
Canadian Guidelines for Sexual Health Education
Reproductive Biology
Evaluation/Peer Review
Experiential Learning and Principles for Teaching SHE

Module 2
Teaching and Learning Styles
Sexually Transmitted Infections
Creating Lesson Plans
Values Exploration
Responding to Questions

Module 3
Body Science
Pregnancy and Birth
Pregnancy Options

Module 4
Sex and the Law
Adult Education
Askable Adult
Marketing 1

Module 5
Students with Disabilities
LGBTQ2S+ Students
Marketing 2
Finding your Niche
Components of a Business Plan

The course component will incorporate outside presenters/educators, group work and presentations, demonstrations, and self/peer evaluation.

Opt reserves the right to modify course content or order.  We may do so in order to better meet the learning needs of students or to adapt to the schedule for outside presenters/educators.
Attendance is required each day of the course.


Participants must complete Opt’s SAR workshop or an equivalent SAR (Sexual Attitudes Reassessment) workshop that is recognized by Opt.

Click here for more information on Opt’s SAR workshop.

A related undergraduate degree or equivalent combination of education and relevant experience is required, in addition to strong skills in speaking, writing, and understanding the English language. 


SHEC programs are currently taking place in Vancouver, BC.  More detailed instructions will be sent to accepted students.

Participants are responsible for arranging their own accommodation during the program.