Opt’s Sexual Health Educator Certification program (SHEC) Course Fees and Policies

Tuition for the SHEC program is $3600 for all five modules and the practicum. If the SAR pre-requisite is required, the workshop fee is $625 for the Multi-day CAVE/SAR workshop. Options for Sexual Health (Opt) reserves the right to change tuition fees at any time.

Once accepted to the program, tuition can either be:

  • paid in-full (and a 5% discount will be applied)
  • paid in three installments as follows: the first payment of $1800 (for Modules 1, 2 and 3) is due 30 days prior to the start of the SHEC program. Participants will not be considered registered for SHEC without this payment. The second payment of $1200 (for Modules 4 and 5) will be due two weeks before Module 4 begins. The third and final payment of $600 is due upon completion of all five modules.

Those who submit their application to SHEC 2017 before November 30, 2016 will have a $100 discount applied to the total SHEC tuition fee if accepted to the program. Regular Application Deadline: January 31, 2017. It may be possible to accept applicants after this deadline if there are remaining spots available.

All tuition payments received after the date due will have a $100 late fee added. No exceptions will be made. Students are responsible for paying tuition on time, in Canadian dollars, by cheque, PayPal, money order, Mastercard or Visa.

Fees required for Practicum Extensions

Students will have a year to complete the practicum. If not completed within this time frame, $50 will be charged for each additional year required to meet the objectives of the practicum. Exceptions to this rule may apply.

Student Refund Policy

The student has a right to a full refund of all charges if they cancel this agreement two weeks prior to the first day of program. The student will be charged a 10% processing fee for the refund procedure.

If the student cancels or discontinues the program part-way through, the student will be reimbursed for 50% of payments made in advance, but will not be reimbursed for the portion already attended.

Other Costs

Some course materials will be provided at no cost during each module.  Students will be responsible for purchasing other required course materials, such as text books and other materials as needed. These costs should not exceed $150. Students will also need to plan for travel and housing costs while attending the SHEC program.

Transcripts and Student Records

The SHEC Advisory Committee maintains all graduate records. Students may access their own records as needed, as may members of the faculty. Student files are not accessible to any other person unless the student so requests in writing.

Policy Changes

Options for Sexual Health (Opt) reserves the right to change or modify academic, administrative, and financial policies as necessary, while recognizing its obligation to give students adequate notice of any changes. Any questions about any of the above must be submitted in writing.