The Clinic Experience

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Your first visit

So, you've arrived at the Options for Sexual Health Clinic (Opt). What happens next? The first thing you should know is that your first visit will probably last about an hour and a half.

Getting to know you...

After making your way to the smiling receptionist, you'll receive a few necessary papers to fill out. For starters, we need your demographic information. This means that we will need your name, age, and contact information. It is important to fill out your information clearly and correctly because this is where we look when we need to contact you. Are you worried about confidentiality? Don't stress—Opt is respectful of your privacy and you can choose whether we contact you directly or through a friend, or whether it is best for you do all the calling.

At this time, we'll also ask you questions about your medical history and you might be asked to sign a consent, saying you agree to receive the service or prescription you're asking for.

“The staff and volunteers were very professional and took the time to clearly explain everything and answer all my questions without making me feel embarrassed or uncomfortable.”
~ Opt Clinic Client

Medical Services Plan (MSP) coverage

Please have your MSP Care Card Number ready (or other Canadian provincial health care information). If you do not have health care coverage from a Canadian province, you are required to pay for services. We can let you know up front how much different services cost.

Getting the facts

Once you've completed the essential paperwork, you will be given the opportunity to watch a video on birth control options. You'll also be given written information (pamphlets or fact sheets) just to make sure you're getting all the important information about what you came to learn about: STIs, pregnancy counselling, birth control, or emergency contraception. Take this time to look over the information carefully and make a note of any questions you might have about what you're seeing or reading. Soon, you'll be given a chance to speak to someone.

“You guys are awesome!! Thanks SO much!!”
~ Opt Clinic Client


Now you will meet one-to-one with our friendly staff—a registered nurse or a trained volunteer. Our staff and volunteers are specially trained to answer many of the questions you might have about sexual and reproductive health, so feel free to ask them anything you want to know.

They will also ask you some questions, just to highlight important details. This might be something like "client would like to discuss side effects of the pill". Once you are finished it's back to the waiting room or straight in to see the doctor or nurse supervisor.

Buying your birth control supplies

If you received a prescription for birth control, you can buy it directly from us. Be advised that most clinics accept cash only.

If you want to get an idea of how much birth control costs at Opt, please click here.

Wrapping up your first visit

By now, you'll have learned a lot of interesting stuff, asked and answered a lot of questions, and been given everything you need to make choices that will make you happy and healthy. Phew! Hopefully you got all that you came for!

But don't worry if you forgot something, or still have more questions.

  • You still have the 1-800 SEX-SENSE number as a resource. Sex Sense Line staff are available to answer any questions you may have forgotten to ask, as well as to give any follow-up information.
  • You can also visit our web page where you can ask a question yourself by email.

And, of course, you can always come back to the clinic!