"Just perfect, we learned many new things"- Grade 7 Student

"It was knowledgeable and fun" - Grade 7 Student

"I had a good time! Hope you come next year!"- Grade 6 Student

"I learned a lot" - Grade 6 Student

"Awesome; come every year" - Grade 9 Student

"I liked how since you came now I am prepared for puberty" - Grade 5/6 Student

"Great way to present info; not awkward" - Grade 12 Student

"The most important thing I learned was safety" - Grade 12 Student

"It was very interesting and effectively held my attention" - Grade 9 Student


"Presenter answered all questions clearly and in age appropriate language. Had great classroom management" - Grade 4 Teacher

"The Educator delivered an excellent program to my class. She made topics that could otherwise be awkward to discuss, easy to understand and the children felt comfortable in participating and asking questions. I believe that all school children should participate in the OPT program! Well done and thank you!" - Grade 2 Teacher

This is a well-organized program delivered with a light touch that the students appreciate. I enjoyed listening to the class discussion and was glad to see how comfortable the students were with the topics discussed. Very healthy!" - Grade 7 Teacher

"Presenter did a great job in educating the students about body parts and kept the class under control when the sillies got going. Great job! The kids really enjoyed learning about body science!" - Grade 3 Teacher

"As a science teacher I have taught and seen this material taught numerous times. I found your presentation to be informative, interesting, and aimed directly at your audience. It was great!" - Grade 9 Teacher

"Absolutely a great presentation. The material covered was what I had expected from the write up and I felt it addressed the needs of the class." - Grade 2 Teacher

"The program should be delivered to all students in all schools. Our presenter was excellent--kind, caring, efficient and easily managed the students when they felt awkward about a topic." - Grade 2 class

Askable Parent Program

"An enormous thank you for coming to our school and doing such an outstanding presentation. You were funny, engaging, smart, informed, all inside two hours. This was the best parent ed session we have had this year. This is a vital topic and I know that our parents are better educated and informed, and better able to be 'Askable', because of your expertise. One point that I found especially useful was the resources that you provided to us in terms of recommended websites, books, etc. This ensured that the learning goes on beyond this evening."

"The materials provided were extremely relevant and set the context"

"Open, frank, clear, comprehensive"

"Kept it at a good pace and of great interest"

"Excellent facilitator, encouraged interaction"

"It was very valuable information for parents to have and proper way to approach our kids"

Professional Workshops

"Thank you, thank you, thank you for the absolutely awesome job. You have a wonderful, warm and relaxed presence and make teaching sexual health sound like the easiest thing in the world to do (and it should be!). Your knowledge and passion inspire confidence and set a 'we can do it' tone for the whole day. You are masterful at group facilitation and the pacing was perfect. One of the many thoughts I had as I watched you was "wow - I want to be able to do that!" - Teacher training