SAR (Sexual Attitude Reassessment)

Why participate in Opt's SAR?

When we think about sexuality, our feelings are seldom neutral. They consist instead of a complex mix of anxiety, fear, joy, excitement, guilt, anger, exhilaration, disgust and curiosity. Being a competent and compassionate educator, health care practitioner, or other professional, or an individual who talks to people about sexual issues requires not only knowledge and skills, but also self-awareness. This self-awareness includes understanding our values, beliefs, and attitudes on various sexuality issues. Professionals may also discover the limitations of the issues they can and cannot handle effectively.

Objectives of SAR

By becoming aware of their values, beliefs, perceptions, and feelings, participants become increasingly comfortable with a wide variation of sexual attitudes, behaviours and practices. This comfort is essential for sexual health professionals, and is also beneficial for individuals striving for personal growth and the development of healthy personal relationships. Participants move toward greater knowing, acceptance and tolerance of the many dimensions of human sexuality.

What does Opt's SAR look like?

The SAR workshop is a provocative, experiential, cognitive and affective experience designed to push comfort levels, elicit feelings, and confront attitudes, beliefs and values about sexuality. It uses an intensive workshop process incorporating visual materials, presenters sharing personal experiences, small group work, and individual reflections.

Topics that will be addressed in SAR include:

  • fantasy
  • masturbation
  • non-monogamy
  • sex work
  • gender
  • BDSM
  • disability
  • aging
  • ... and more

Cost of the SAR workshop

The fee upon registration is $625 for participants or $575 for existing Opt Members.  Lunches are included.

Full attendance to this workshop is mandatory!

Register Now -- Workshop FULL, please contact Saira Hansen ( for our cancellation list


*Due to the explicit nature of films shown during the workshop, participants must be at least 19 years of age.


Testimonials from previous SAR workshops... What benefits did you gain?

  • "Best course I’ve ever taken in my entire education/academic career. This seminar should really be fostered into any health science degree program to increase the competency of all health care providers in providing sexual health teaching/care to clients as part of holistic care."
  • "Knowledge, understanding, insight, compassion… shall I go on?"
  • "Empowerment and tools to go forth and be the change I want to see in the world."
  • "Self-reflection, communication, acceptance of others."
  • "I cannot even put into words how much this workshop will forever be with me! I have to say that all activities and presentations have been meaningful and I feel like a better 'me' since meeting these people and having this experience."
  • "Too many to count. Openness, empathy, sympathy developed, stereotypes broken, new info that will help me in life not just teaching."
  • "This workshop was an amazing emotional journey. I thought I felt pretty comfortable in most topics but it increased my openness that much more. So amazing to be in a room with sex-positive people."
  • "I cannot thank Opt enough for this experience – I came here thinking SAR was about my ability to work with others – and left knowing it’s about working on myself – and that is a gift! Thank you!"