Human sexuality training: Comfort, Attitude and Values Evaluation (CAVE)

Come out of the CAVE with enhanced confidence, comfort, and competence...

CAVE is a human sexuality training program for students, professionals in health care, counselling, education, and social services fields, parents, and other individuals seeking enhanced personal relationships. 

GOAL: To provide individuals and professionals with an opportunity to build awareness, comfort, confidence, and competence by exploring their values and gaining the knowledge required to talk about sexuality in an unbiased, non-judgmental, knowledgeable, and inclusive manner. Teaching techniques and resources will be provided in each program.

Each CAVE program offers distinct learning materials and objectives. No pre-requisite is required for any of the CAVEs. Those working directly with clients or patients on sexuality or sexual health matters will benefit most from the SAR process in the Multi-day CAVE/SAR. Contact us to determine which CAVE is right for you.

Three levels of CAVE

Half-day CAVE: Setting the Stage (3 Hours)

Offered upon request
  • Topics covered include: creating a safe space and enhancing comfort with the vocabulary surrounding sexuality.
  • Activities involved: A values evaluation will allow participants to explore their attitudes about sexuality.
  • Outcomes: Participants will feel better prepared to teach or talk about sexuality.

Full-day CAVE: Building Comfort and Confidence (8 Hours)

Offered upon request
  • Topics covered include: gender, identity, stereotypes, respecting diversity, sexual decision making, circles of sexuality, and an exploration of values and attitudes.
  • Activities involved: Participants will learn how to respond to questions about sexuality.
  • Outcomes: Participants will feel better prepared to facilitate discussions about sexuality that include gender, sexual identity, and decision making.

Multi-day CAVE/SAR: Building Competence

3½ days | Cost: $625 for participant or $575 for existing Opt members

  • This program uses the Sexual Attitudes Reassessment (SAR) process and is based on the program developed by and offered at the Institute for the Advanced Study of Human Sexuality.
  • Applicants to Opt's Sexual Health Educator Certification must complete or be registered for a SAR before applying. Completion of Opt's Multi-day CAVE/SAR fulfills this requirement.
  • Topics covered include: fantasy, masturbation, LGBTQ, non-monogomy, sex work, gender, BDSM, disability, and aging.
  • Activities involved: using an intensive workshop experience, participants evaluate their own values, beliefs, and attitudes on various sexuality issues.
  • Outcomes: by becoming increasingly aware of their perceptions, beliefs, values, and feelings, participants become comfortable with the wide variation of existing sexual attitudes, behaviours, and practices. This comfort is necessary for sexual health professionals, and is also beneficial for individuals striving for personal growth and the development of healthy personal relationships.
  • Full-time attendance to all 3 1/2 days is mandatory!

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Upcoming dates for the Multi-day CAVE/SAR

  • VANCOUVER: April 20 - 23, 2017 -- Workshop FULL (email for wait-list)
  • VANCOUVER: September 28 - October 1, 2017
  • VANCOUVER: April 2018 (dates TBD)