SEX SENSE Line Volunteers

SEX SENSE LineThe main role of the SEX SENSE Line Volunteer is to provide information to Opt's SEX SENSE Line callers (as well as those that email) so that they can make informed decisions on birth control and other issues related to their reproductive and sexual health. The SEX SENSE Line Volunteer may also assist the provincial office with administrative duties to ensure smooth function.


SEX SENSE volunteers must complete the following training:

  • online training course
  • in-class training session (takes place in the SEX SENSE Line office)
  • onsite orientation shifts (includes call shadowing, monitoring, etc)


SEX SENSE volunteers should:

  • Indicate a commitment to ongoing learning in the area of sexuality
  • Demonstrate excellent listening and communication skills
  • Be reliable and dependable
  • Be nonjudgmental


SEX SENSE line volunteers are evaluated by the SEX SENSE Line Coordinator/Supervisor at six months, then annually thereafter.

What you can expect

In a normal shift, a SEX SENSE Line volunteer will act to provide information and referrals by:

  • Providing client-centered support
  • Presenting information in an empathetic and non-judgmental manner
  • Developing good rapport and the ability to confirm client comprehension
  • Ensuring the client is provided with current and accurate information
  • Being familiar with, and knowing where to find, resources
  • Respecting and maintaining client confidentiality
  • Providing appropriate referrals to other service agencies

And remaining responsible for proper documentation...

  • Accurately recording all necessary information in the database and in the volunteer logbook
  • Discuss each call with the supervisor for feedback and expression of work

And also to provide Administrative Support by:

  • Assisting with clerical/administrative duties, such as filing and collating mail-outs
  • Assisting with reviewing and updating resource materials

For a detailed description of the SEX SENSE Line Volunteer position, please click here.


If you have additional questions regarding the SEX SENSE Line, please call 1-800 SEX-SENSE to find out more!