Clinic Support Volunteer

Clinic VolunteerThe main role of the Clinic Support Volunteer (CSV) is to provide reception and administrative support in order to facilitate smooth clinic operations. In addition, the CSV may assist the clinician during client exams.


Clinic Support Volunteers should have the following qualifications:

  • Basic knowledge in reading, writing, and math
  • Be reliable and dependable
  • Be nonjudgmental
  • Possess strong organizational skills and be detail-orientated
  • Be able to work independently and as part of a team

(Experience in providing services to the public, reception work or work in a family planning clinic are assets)

Training required

A clinic support volunteer must complete the following training:

  • Onsite basic training/orientation shifts
  • Review of the Clinic Volunteer Companion
  • Buddy with an experienced volunteer to observe efficient reception duties


Volunteers are evaluated by the clinic supervisor at six months, then annually thereafter.

What you can expect

In a normal shift, a clinic support volunteer may find themselves helping out at reception...

  • Greeting clients and explaining process of the visit
  • Providing appropriate information
  • Opening and maintaining client charts
  • Keeping track of clinic flow and inform supervisor of needs

Or perhaps at the pill desk....

  • Recording services and supplies provided to each client
  • Preparing pills and other birth control supplies for distribution
  • Collecting, recording, and balancing monies

The clinic support volunteer can also assist as a Clinic Chaperone...

  • Completing appropriate forms for PAP, STI, and other tests
  • Assisting the clinician during examinations
  • Providing support and reassurance to the client
  • Cleaning and preparing the exam room

And with day-to-day administrative support...

  • Assisting with filing, photocopying, inventory, mail
  • Assisting with data entry including statistics and lab results
  • Preparing requisitions and shipping of specimens

See the Clinic Support Volunteer Role Description for a more information on the  position.