Volunteer Application

Thank you for your interest in volunteering with Options for Sexual Health. If you think you would enjoy working with us to improve sexual and reproductive health, and can commit to a year as an Opt volunteer, we would love to hear from you!

Before submitting your application, please check our Clinic Finder for locations, dates, and times of clinics to ensure that they are a good fit for you. 

Just fill out and submit the volunteer application and someone will contact you within two weeks.

Please list all languages you speak fluently
Please give a brief description of work experience that you would consider to be relevant to the work of Options for Sexual Health.
Please list the highest level of education achieved.
Please check all you are interested in.
Not sure which clinic locations are right for you? Check our Clinic Finder for locations, dates, and times of clinics!
Many people you will come in contact with at Opt will have different beliefs and behaviours from you, but still require unbiased, accurate information.
To work with Opt, all volunteers must agree to the above statements.
Please provide a reference (other than family or friends) from someone who has known you for at least one year and can give an objective assessment of your suitability for involvement as a volunteer with Opt. The ideal reference would be from a previous volunteer experience.