No Show Policy

To improve access to our services and reduce wait times, we have created a No Show policy for clinics where there are drop-in options available to patients. This policy applies to the following clinics: Kelowna Opt Clinic, Kootenay Loop Opt Clinic, Metrotown Opt Clinic, South Hill Opt Clinic, Vancouver Opt Clinic.

Opt No Show policy

We have a long waitlist of patients who are anxious to be seen quickly. This is why we ask you to do your best to attend your scheduled appointments.

  1. We will always offer to call you to remind you of your appointment.
  2. If you need to cancel or rebook an appointment, please call 1 800 739 7367 or 604 731 4252 at least 24 hours before your appointment.
  3. If you do not arrive for two scheduled appointments and do not call to cancel or reschedule, we will not book any more appointments for you. There are several drop-in evenings that may be better suited to you.

​For the Penticton Opt Clinic no show policy, please click here.