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Today Health Canada announced a change to the Blood Donor Guidelines in Canada. 
It's Nurse's Appreciation Week May 6-12, 2013
Congratulations to the Courtenay Options for Sexual Health Clinic, our April 2013 Clinic of the Month!
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Remember when we said we think sexual and reproductive health should be celebrated all year long? We meant it! Join Opt in celebrating sexual and reproductive health through increased access to sexual health services! 
Congrats to our Selkirk College Options for Sexual Health Clinic for being our March 2013 Clinic of the Month!
One of our new students in the Sexual Health Educator Certification (SHEC) program, Emily Wagner, has written a blog post about the importance of sexual health education, and why she is enrolled in the SHEC program. 
Our Powell River Opt clinic is hiring a nurse supervisor.
With 200 people in attendance, our first annual Sexual and Reproductive Health Day Breakfast was a rousing success! The breakfast opened with guests being serenaded by the cabaret duo The Wet Spots, and ended with our amazing keynote speaker and...
Los Angeles photographer Bob Mizer advertised Physique Pictorial for bodybuilding and wrestling enthusiasts, but Canadian and U.S.A censors were not fooled. (Vancouver Museum)
The diversity of conversations about sex in the city is the subject of a new exhibition opening at the Vancouver Museum on Valentine's Day. The Talking Sex in Vancouver exhibit will give visitors a chance to consider how sexuality is not only...
Did you know that the “typical use failure rate” or the usual population rate of getting pregnant while using oral contraceptives is up to 8%? Did you know that when women were allowed the choice of any contraceptive method they wanted that the...