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In this video, Wrenna Robertson talks to Ron Collins of Options for Sexual Health about her book, I'll Show You Mine, which contains a diversity of photographs of the genitals of 60 women and stories about each woman’s relationships with her...
Opt is looking for a new workshop space! Our regular space in North Burnaby, a beautiful heritage building, has decided that they will no longer be renting this building out to public service agencies anymore. This building has served us quite well...
Opt's own resident sexologist, Ashleigh Turner talks to the Georgia Straight about oxytocin and the health benefits of sex.
On Monday, February 6th, Stephen Woodworth, the Tory MP for Kitchener Centre, tabled a motion that has the potential to re-open the abortion debate, despite the Harper government's insistence that it has no plans to engage in the conversation. 
Are you a nurse, counsellor or sex educator who is passionate about sharing knowledge and resources about human sexuality and sexual health? The 1-800-SEX-SENSE Line is looking for you! We're hiring a casual line Supervisor in March.
Supporters of reproductive choice, believers in a vision of a society celebrating healthy sexuality, and lovers of rational, informed discourse about issues, have lost a respected and compassionate ally with the death of Dr. Wilson Dillon.
Kristen Gilbert of Opt interviewed by CTV
CTV interview: Kristen Gilbert of Options for Sexual Health and naturopathic doctor Meghan Walker debate the merits of vaccinating boys against the HPV virus. Video available at http://watch.ctv.ca
Another great reason to sign our petition for free contraception for all in BC. "If medications are not taken properly, they don't work...We often talk about barriers to adherence including how complicated a dosing schedule might be and the route of...
Several public schools in Surrey are suspending sexual education classes offered by a counselling centre affiliated with an organization that opposes abortion after a CTV News investigation.
Crisis centre worker
Volunteers at a Surrey Christian charity are warning women about risks of abortion that may be common in back-alley operations but are rare in modern Canadian clinics, a CTV News hidden camera investigation has revealed. Greg Smith, Opt's Executive...