Advocate for cost-covered Mifegymiso


We believe that mifegymiso, which is the gold standard in medical abortion, should be universally cost-covered in BC, and across Canada. In partnership with a number of other organisations, we have made a written request to Premier Horgan and Minister of Health Adrian Dix that the cost of coverage be included in their upcoming budget. Several other provinces and territories have already taken steps to cover the costs of mifegymiso, and we want to see BC follow suit. BC has limited access to abortion services, and universal cost coverage to mifegymiso would provide much needed access to the rural communities throughout the province. Cost should not be a determining factor for someone needing to access medical abortion. 

Please feel free to share this letter and put in a request to your local MLA to advocate that Premier Horgan and Minister of Health Dix mifegymiso be universally cost-covered in BC. Want to share this on social media? Help us increase awareness by using #RealAccessNow and #RealAccessNowBC.