Sponsor Spotlight: Womyns' Ware


With today being Valentine’s Day and only two more sleeps until our 4th Annual Sexual and Reproductive Health Day Breakfast, what better time to highlight Womyns’ Ware, one of our wonderful Breakfast sponsors?

Womyns’ Ware is an amazing community partner, and we love their motto: Celebration and Empowerment of Women’s Sexuality. If you have never visited Womyns’ Ware, we highly recommend it! With a display that actually allows people to touch and feel the sex toys before buying them, to a supportive and informative staff, Womyns’ Ware has an inclusive definition of women, and their store serves all genders. Here’s a bit more info about our friends at Womyns’ Ware:

Womyns’ Ware Inc. was established in 1995. The award-winning women-owned sex toy business seeks to celebrate people of all genders who want to explore authentic sexual expression. Perhaps the most surprising element of walking into their Commercial Drive shop is the jolly normality of the environment. It's a place where parents routinely shop with their kids in strollers, asking questions about vibrators as though they were shopping for any other household appliance. The open, airy atmosphere is in stark contrast to the typical 'XXX' store, and their consultants strive to sell sex toys as though they were any other consumer good, on par with cameras, high-end cookware, and cellular phones. They carry a wide variety of toys, massage products, lubricants, safer sex supplies, and leather goods, and they have a mandate to carry only items made of the highest quality, body-safe materials.

Womyns’ Ware believes that when people value and understand their own pleasure, the world becomes a better place. It is this philosophy and commitment to offering the best customer service in town that has inspired Georgia Straight readers to vote Womyns' Ware Vancouver's "Best Sex Toy Store" for almost 20 years in a row.

 “I have always said to people who don’t know, ‘Womyns’ Ware is the only Adult Toy Store I know of that improved the neighborhood'” ~ A customer.

Visit them in person at 896 Commercial Drive in Vancouver, or online at womynsware.com

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