Below is a list of some of the news and events feeds available on this site. You can read the RSS feeds using Google Reader (or another) feed reader. The ICAL events feed will update your Google (or other) calendar as new events are added.

  • All posts (RSS). This feed contains all new posts to the Opt website. If you are looking for more specific content, see the feed options below.
  • All news about Opt (RSS). This feed contains only the articles posted to our web site that are about Opt. Some of them are written by Opt, some are taken from other news sources.
  • Sexual health news (RSS). This feed contains only news stories from our website that are not related to Opt but are related to the work we do.
  • Blogs (RSS). This feed contains all recent posts by Opt bloggers.
  • Events (RSS) (ICAL). This feed contains only upcoming sexual health events. Not all events are organized by Opt. For your convenience, we have posted instructions on how to have the events automatically added to your Google calendar (ICAL) or other calendar software.