Course Overview

Course Overview: (listed are some of the topics covered)

Module 1
Canadian Guidelines for Sexual Health Education
Reproductive Biology
Evaluation/Peer Review
Experiential Learning and Principles for Teaching SHE

Module 2
Teaching and Learning Styles
Sexually Transmitted Infections
Creating Lesson Plans
Values Exploration
Responding to Questions

Module 3
Body Science
Pregnancy and Birth
Pregnancy Options

Module 4
Sex and the Law
Adult Education
Askable Adult
Marketing 1

Module 5
Students with Disabilities
LGBTQ2S+ Students
Marketing 2
Finding your Niche
Components of a Business Plan

The course component will incorporate outside presenters/educators, group work and presentations, demonstrations, and self/peer evaluation.

Opt reserves the right to modify course content or order.  We may do so in order to better meet the learning needs of students or to adapt to the schedule for outside presenters/educators.
Attendance is required each day of the course.