What Are Your Values?

Where Are the Limits of Your Comfort Zone?

Parents are in the unique position of being able to link information and personal values for their children.  So, it is critically important for you to be very clear within yourself what you believe and what values are held in your family.

It’s okay to say that other families might think differently but in your family, certain values are important. The goal is to be encouraging and positive about what you regard as appropriate behaviour without making your child feel guilty for questioning or expressing a different point of view.

It is also vital to know where the boundaries are for you. Are there areas where you might hold one view about things in general, but an opposite view when your own child is involved? What are the topics that make you edgy and uncomfortable when they come up? As an Askable Adult you will need to be prepared to do two things in those situations: acknowledge the difficulty you have with the topic, and offer your child the opportunity to discuss the subject with someone whom you know is more comfortable and suitably knowledgeable. Give thought to whom else in the family or your circle of friends may be willing to fill the role of being another trusted Askable Adult in your child’s life. In fact, it’s not uncommon for one parent in the neighbourhood to be the “go to” adult for young people who have difficulty talking with their own parents.