There Are Some Rules

We highly recommend that you follow a few rules for being an effective Askable Adult.

  1. Use correct vocabulary. By doing so you will normalize the conversation about sexuality and enhance the clarity of what you and your child discuss. It’s easier with the correct terms to talk about private body parts and their function, and private and public behaviour.
  2. Keep your child’s confidences. You want your child to come to you, so trust in the relationship you have is critical.
  3. Keep your cool. Listen to the whole story before you “freak”.  You want your child to be able to tell you about any incident that has been troubling or uncomfortable, and you can help your child by avoiding getting angry or upset yourself in the course of your conversation. It’s important to deliver the message: “Talk to me if you need me. I promise I won’t get mad.”
  4. Repeat yourself.  Repeating your information and messages serves several purposes. It helps to create normalcy around the subject of sexuality.  It opens the door for clarification and more questions. And, it reinforces your commitment to supporting and encouraging your child.