Take a Test Drive

Below we have included four situations for you to consider and discuss with your spouse or a friend.  We also encourage you to try out your response with our expert staff on the 1-800 SEX SENSE line.

  1. Your six year old has come home from school quite upset. In a conversation with a classmate he has been told that babies are born out of a hole a doctor cuts in the mother’s tummy.  He thinks that sounds scary and painful and wants to know if he was born that way.
  2. You have a strong intuition that your 14 year old son and his 13 year old girlfriend have started to have sex, but you’re getting nowhere opening a discussion with him about the matter. 
  3. After a difficult preamble your 12 year old son has confided in you that he thinks he might be gay. He is confused and ill at ease because the prevailing attitude among his friends is very homophobic.
  4. You have a great relationship with your 16 year old daughter, so she is comfortable coming to you with the news that she and her boyfriend are going to start a sexual relationship. She wants your advice on how to be a good lover. 

 Two guys talking

One other idea: try each situation out a second time, but reverse the gender of the young person(s) involved, and consider what changes occur in your attitude and approach.