Current Certified Sexual Health Educators

Once Opt certified there are requirements to maintain this status.

The continuing education component requires a demonstration of participants’ ongoing knowledge, skills, and competency development through completion of approved courses, workshops, and ongoing sexual health education delivery.

Below is the current list of Opt Certified Sexual Health Educators

Alix Bacon

Ainsley Szewchuk

Erin McKay

Gaianna Love

Jenna Nakamura

Jenny Redpath

Jessica Wollen

Jodie Petruzzellis

John Woods

Joy Becker

Joyce Tam

Judith Fearing

Kate MacLeod

Kerri Isham

Kim Dalton

Kristen Gilbert

Lauren Goldman

Leta Burechailo

Lindsay Balson

Michelle Schaefer

Miranda Massie

Natalie Wagner

Nicky Waring

Pam Richmond

Renee Gregerson

Ross Allan

Ryan Peters

Selena Hallett-Pike

Shannon Jones

Shelley Taylor

Sherri-Ann Anderson

Sue Trabant

Stephen Ziff

Teresa Weatherhead

Tiffany Wightman

Tina Johnson