Putting sex in advertising where it belongs

Putting sex in advertising PSA screen shot

Opt would like to wish Hello Cool World  (HCW)  a very Happy Anniversary - they are turning ten years old this week! That’s ten years of amazing work promoting sexual health! Hello Cool World (some of you may also know them as Good Company Communications) has helped with all Opt’s major campaigns in the last decade. So we’d also like to toast to our fabulous ten year Opt-HCW relationship.

What do you give someone on their anniversary? Flowers? Champagne? Hello Cool World is giving two gifts. The first is a web resource showcasing select sexual health campaigns made in BC. Okay, if the words “made in BC” don’t get you excited, how about this? The purpose of the new website is to explore what works in promoting safer sex, healthy relationships and sexual rights. Ah, whisper more of those sweet nothings in our ears, please.

The second gift is a revamp and launch of the That's So Sexy public service announcement (PSA). Produced originally in 2005 by Hello Cool World for Opt, That’s So Sexy was remixed in 2011 with new footage.  That’s So Sexy is part of an overall effort by Hello Cool World and Opt to put sex in advertising where it belongs: promoting safer sex! You can watch the PSAs and read more about the project here.

Don’t forget to watch out for the PSAs on CBC and GlobalTV (later in the evening), starting on Monday and running for the next three weeks!